We carry an extensive line of paper products, cleaning chemicals and janitorial supplies to meet all your cleaning and sanitation needs.

Whether you need paper towel and dispensers, industrial or bathroom cleaners, brooms, mops or garbage bins, we’ve got it, or we’ll do our best to get it for you!

Paper Products
Premium paper products and innovative dispensing systems are offered at competitive prices. Our distinctive paper line includes; paper towels, bathroom tissue, facial tissue, napkins, wipers and much more. Our towels and dispensers are a cost effective solution tailored to your specific hygiene needs. They will enhance the look and function of your washroom.

We manufacture an extensive line of chemicals known as Chem-Shop™ products. We supply everything you need for all your cleaning tasks including floor finishes, industrial cleaners, degreasers, disinfectants, skin & body cleansers, odour control, carpet cleaners, bathroom cleaners, dish soaps, glass cleaner, aerosols, and much more!

Janitorial Supplies
Top quality janitorial supplies from leaders in the industry such as Marino, Rubbermaid, 3M, Frost and many others. We have it all: garbage bins, gargabe bags, brooms, mops, handles, buckets, gloves, squeegees, you name it! We’ve got it!


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